Classifying objects

Making a manual inventory by compiling individual files for each object and thus creating a hard copy collection archive. Matching invoices, photos, certificates, newspaper clippings, insurance documents, personal notes, valuation and condition reports, exhibition and biographical references to each individual object file.

Adding research

After documenting your collection you will likely find that some information is missing. We can help you trace these data so that your e-catalogue becomes more complete over time. We can also assist you in undertaking object research, authentication and certification.

Digitising data

Entering all data into the CS-database. Add transparencies, photographs, clippings to D-base. Making digital copies of all supporting documents and add to e-files in D-base.

Organising photography

We can advise and assist you with organising a photoshoot in situ where digital image records of all individual objects can be made (main and supportive images and details).