We only do what we do best: documenting art collections

In 1996 we started looking for a company that could catalogue our families’ art collections. Without a proper cataloguing system we found it difficult to appreciate these treasures to the full and to manage them as financial assets.

On the one hand we envisioned a clear overview, displaying beautiful photographs of each object with details of its creator, provenance, literature and its exhibition and financial histories. On the other hand, we looked for a sophisticated, easy to access database on the internet. Both would provide a variety of useful links: for example, to museums owning similar objects, to libraries, book retailers, art markets, etc.

We searched widely but could not find an organisation that could offer this. Sharing one vision, our team founded The Art Document Company.

Our mission is to provide accurate and complete documentation, e-publishing and curatorial services to art collectors with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and discretion.

Documents get lost, damaged and destroyed. It is vital for committed collectors, to have a single, secure and permanent e-record of all assets within their collection. A clear and detailed inventory will make a collection easier to manage and more enjoyable; it also decreases the cost of ownership and helps reducing administrative workloads of specalists, insurers, valuers and other art market participants.

For our (TADC) services we charge an amount of €125 per hour (ex VAT). After gaining insight in the information you can make available to us, we can give you a cost estimate of a documentation project. We are looking forward to talk to you to explain our service and its advantages in greater detail.

Over the past years we have proven to deliver an optimal combination of security, discretion, flexibility and conformity.

Our hosting partner, Collector Systems LLC (CS)., charges a flat monthly fee of $85 (one user, no VAT) to make your data available.