We offer a secure and personalised web access to collection data. In addition, our company offers curatorial services ranging from advice on conservation and restoration to exhibitions and insurance. We can assist collectors in undertaking object research, authentication and certification. Our company does not buy or sell works of art, nor do we advise in purchases or sales. We only do what we do best: documenting art collections.

No strings

We are unconnected from any commercial art world interests. TADC & CS are both privately owned and completely independent of third organisations.

Web access

Guarantee of a 24/7, secure, easy-to-reach, attractively designed, state-of-the-art and user-friendly web access, hosting your data and virtual catalogues.


We are committed to accuracy, detail and discretion.

Data protection

All client data are treated as confidential and they will never be shared with any third parties. Only you and any third party authorised by you will have access to your information.


We have great in-house breadth and depth of expertise. We associate with many experts in the art world and we have built up our own extensive database which gives us easy access to research.


We attach the utmost importance to accuracy and detail and use the generally accepted principles and methodology of art documentation in describing and classifying items in a collection. Data concerning artists, literature and other resources are checked with internationally renowned institutions.


Every client chooses a personal, unique and verified login and password and a two-layered authentication is in place. Clients are assured of a 100% secure environment.


Our company operates on a project-by-project basis. We are bound by a commitment to quality. The time needed will depend on several factors such as the size of your collection and the degree to which it is already documented and the depth of additional research required.


We understand most collections are dynamic and even the smallest changes should be handled. After completion of a project, usually, our clients want to keep their collection data relevant. If you keep us informed about any change(s) in your collection we will adjust your data as quickly as possible, hence keeping your records up-to-date.

Why us?

We have established an excellent reputation in the art world. We can capitalise on this reputation by easy access to research. We will supply you with references upon request.